“I found a house”

I hadn’t even finished saying hello, when my mom eagerly announced, ” I found a house.” We had been looking for a while and had offered on a few, but it seemed like this was different.

It turns out it was different.  A lot different.  This house was initially built in 1900 and was on a bit of land between Georgetown and Jarrell, Texas.  If you aren’t from central Texas, don’t worry about not knowing where those towns are, a good percentage of those from the area aren’t really sure where they are either.  We do know that Jarrell had a tornado though- back in the 90’s.  It was an old farm house that had been “updated” at least twice.

Mom had found the property on an auction site, Hubzu.  Take a minute to look at the pictures.  They don’t do it justice.  You can’t see the tarps held in place with old tires and rope on the roof. IMG_4990Those photos also don’t show the damage done to the side from climbing vines.  IMG_4985On the other hand, fail to convey the charm of the house.  It had great bones.

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It had out buildings.

It had potential.  And even better it also had a low opening bid and a large potential after repair value (ARV).  This could be a good property to learn how to do a residential rehab, a flip.

Mom went out and walked the property before she called me.  She had seen the potential and she really thought we should bid on it.  I was not so sure.  The pictures on the website did not convince me, but the potential up-side did get me to drive out there and look.  I saw the charm, the history and the wind mill.  I was in for the bidding.


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